MBLAQ is in second place on the EYK charts!!! Remember, we only have to keep them in the top THREE slots to have a chance for review!!! Make our boys proud, please vote for them and reblog this!!!


Can we talk about how sophisticated and smooth the song, look and dance are?

And can we talk about how there’s no reliance on G.O’s vocals but instead there’s total harmony?

And can we talk about how the Smoky Girl is a foreigner and the possible allegory there?

And can we talk about how JTC has done an excellent job at reaching and incorporating the international fandom in this comeblaq?

Can we talk about how ridiculously happy all A+ are right now?

stormblaq said: OMG haha you seem awesome ^^ Hi ㅅㅇㅅ

Heeee, thank you! I think all A+ are awesome :D


cherrygoyangi said: Hey I've got a question: are on on the absolut mblaq forums? cause if you are, I need help! I don't understand anything, I just made an account, and I don't have the permission to do anything! help!

Hey! I was a member, yes. But I think the forums closed? They have a blog now, though, and it’s a lot easier to navigate. At the very least, if they didn’t close the forums they said they’re not using them anymore; that’s probably why you’re having trouble navigating it. Good luck <3

via allkpop.


via allkpop.